"About 14 months ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 CKD (chronic kidney disease) and heading stage 5. My eGFR was 16, my creatinine was 340 and my BUN was 15.

The specialists at St. Michael’s hospital in Toronto advised me there was no cure, and I should soon be prepared for dialysis, to be followed by a transplant if a donor can be found. All this would likely happen within the next year or so. (note – I immediately found a donor in my brother)

I started taking the regime of pills that were recommended by Dr. Lewis around September 2019. For the first three months the number improved marginally. By December my eGFR was still 16 and my creatinine was 310. However, I started seeing bigger and better results as time went on. By mid-Jan my eGFR was 18 and my creatinine was 279.

On September 29th I completed my annual physical exam, and my doctor said my condition is “remarkable.” He used that phrase at least three times during the debriefing on the results of my tests, including extensive blood test. My eGFR is now 21, my creatinine is 266, and by BUN is 11.9. These are significant (21% to 31%) improvements in all three categories. I feel great and have the same energy I had 10 years ago.

I have to say the credit for this change has to be the regime I have been taking for the past year. I wanted you to know these results and share them with other patients who have similar CKD problems that I have. It could save a life and at worst could help someone delay the onset of a stage 5 CKD problem.

A thankful user of your products.

T.G. - Toronto, Canada"