What is European Biological Medicine?

At the core, European Biological Medicine offers a way to discover and understand what toxins are affecting a patient, and potentially causing imbalances. They can be chemical/biochemical, physical, and mental in nature. Homotoxins can originate internally or be introduced from the outside environment.

Some examples of the effects of these toxins include allergens and inflammation, infections and immune imbalances, digestive disorders, and stress. Some of the key aspects of this style of medicine include detoxification, improving digestive function and strength, improving the immune system, and optimizing organ function.

How does it work?

Rather than treating surface-level symptoms, the goal of EBM is to first understand which organ or organ systems are affected, and then target therapies to bring those systems back into harmony. These therapies could include therapeutic drainage remedies, homeopathic medications, neural therapy, and more

Your Naturopath will help to determine which therapies are appropriate for your particular condition.

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