Every symptom has systemic (and sometimes multiple) causes
Naturopathic therapies help to uncover and treat those causes

Natural solutions are available for difficult health problems and provide hope, when no hope has been found. Our approach is unique because we offer holistic, natural health care using in person, and long-distance confidential evaluations.

A Bio-logical process to restoring your health

Biological medicine is committed to the balance and harmony of the individual’s outer environment, and inner milieu. Hence environmental toxins, social and professional life-styles, influences one’s ecological terrain and genetic information. These are all vital factors in the individualized evaluation, and recommendation given to each person we help.

Approaches and Benefits

The purpose of biological remedies used by naturopaths is to serve as functional support while addressing key areas of health concerns:

  • Preservation of health
  • Acute and chronic health issues
  • Anti-aging
  • Trauma and serious degenerative issues
  • Removing underlying causes of your health concerns
  • Obtain and maintain internal ecology, microflora, and your immune system

These biological remedies are made from substances found in nature, and used to stimulate the body’s healing capacity to restore or maintain health.  They can be made from plants, fungi, vitamins, minerals, tissues or bacteria.

Our Protocols and drugless therapies help provide support to restore balance by:   

  • Improving immune function and circulation
  • Supporting and protecting normal, symbiotic microforces
  • Improving cell health and pH levels
  • Assisting in the repair and rebuilding of organs and systems
  • Compensating for particular dietary mineral or vitamin deficiencies
  • Revising any lifestyle or environmental blockages and assisting in detoxification
  • Reducing the effects of bio-chemical stress and strengthening the mechanisms that cope with bio-chemical stress
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