Natural wellness medicine that's simply bio-logical

Dr. Charles Lewis, N.D. brings the practice of Naturopathy to you.  As a practitioner, he specializes in alternative biological medicine.

What is naturopathy?
Getting to the root of the problem, and treating it, naturally

Rather than merely treating symptoms, naturopathic practitioners focus on understanding and helping the body deal with the underlying cause of each individual’s health issues, while concentrating on preventive measures.

Naturopaths advocate the use of gentle, effective, drug-free remedies to enhance your success on your journey to optimal health. Dr. Lewis has successfully helped individuals who were dealing with a wide variety of health issues. 

Whether you have concerns about the way you feel, or if you just want to learn about sensible measures to preserve the wellness you’re currently blessed with, we are here to help.

More Details about Naturopathy
Meet Dr. Charles Lewis

Dr. Charles Lewis is a board-certified Doctor of Naturopathy, with a degree from Trinity College in Indiana. He is also a Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP), and has a Diploma in Science of Iridology. He has also studied European Biolgocal Medicine under Dr. Thomas Rau, M.D. from Paracelsus Klinic, Switzerland.

Previously a professor of anatomy at Lake Michigan College, Dr. Lewis also trained with the U.S. Army Medical Command - Biological & Chemical Warfare, Medical Issues & Responses Training.

Dr. Lewis is an active member of the Bioregulatory Medicine Institute (BRMI).

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