What Is Homotoxicology?



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 The above chart is a slight modification to the practice of homotoxicology. Information about the Phases of Homotoxicology can be found HERE.

Homotoxicology is a scientifically proven and extensively researched medical practice that studies the effects of toxic substances on the human body. It integrates new advances in modern medical science like pathology, toxicology, biology, enzymology, and immunology with homeopathic principles of treatment.

It’s a fairly new approach to medicine that understands disease to be caused by a build up of toxins in the body. Prolonged exposure to such toxins, also knows as homotoxins, are commonly found in the environment; the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat. The severity of an illness often depends on the intensity and duration of toxic blockages and, the body’s natural ability to detoxify or eliminate such threatening poisons.

Some common examples of homotoxins include:

  1. Mercury fillings in teeth.
  2. Unhealthy microorganisms in the gut often caused by an unhealthy diet, hormone replacement therapy, and/or antibiotics.
  3. Chronic yeast infections (Candida).
  4. Exposure to unhealthy electro-magnetic fields.
  5. Air pollution
  6. Pesticides
  7. Undiagnosed bacteria such as salmonella
  8. Undiagnosed stomach infections

What naturopathic practitioners  do, is investigate, identify and eliminate the homotoxins from the body using custom tailored protocols, lifestyle guidance and natural homeopathic preparations. Empowering the body to naturally get rid of such poisons will bring about healing and restore vitality.

Homotoxicology is an evolved form of natural health care whose roots stem from the foundation of Homeopathy.

Homotoxicology began about 50 years ago in Germany and is now widely used around the world with tremendous success. The German physician Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg expanded Homotoxicology into a medical theory based on an ancient Chinese concept. In 1955 Reckeweg published his six-phase table of Homotoxicosis. Each of the six phases offers a state-of-health description of disease progression and the best naturally charged healing direction to take.

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