~~~~~~~ You Get Experienced Long Distance Care ~~~~~~~


New Technology Brings Health Care To You


Naturopathic Doctor Appointments For:

     Genetic Testing

     Aches and Pains of Aging



     Immune Support

     Joint Pain

     Gluten Free Diets

     Hormone Imbalances

     And More…


Improved Wellness Using:

     Functional Assessments

     Nutritional Assessments

     Drugless Therapies

     Homeopathic Evaluations and Support


The Consultation Process

Prior to the first consultation you will be asked to fill out a Health History.

During your first appointment, we will review your health history together, discuss your objectives, and talk about how to achieve them.

Then a program will be designed to specifically fit your needs, and provide you with a protocol.

Thereafter, periodic monitoring can be scheduled, depending on your individual needs.

Simply Your Health

. . . it’s more than bio-logical

You may refill your protocol by calling 870 277-1172

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